My wife has brain cancer :(

I know it has been a long time since I posted. My art has fallen by the wayside. July 11, 2016 my wife went into the ER because she was having trouble talking. Next thing we know she was having a tumor removed from the left side of her brain (that Thursday). Pathology came back on the tumor – it was a GBM. A grade 4 (incurable) glioblastoma multiforme. The most deadly of the brain tumors. It has been a roller coaster ride since then.

I am on here today to promote my go fund me account set up to help us with Laurie’s treatments and getting her a deck.

Here is the link to the account – help Laurie

Thank you so much for even just looking.

This is not the kind of walk I want to ask anyone to take with me.




Photo 101, Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

For this assignment I waited until dark, then I waited until my shows were over :). The result was taking photos in the rain, oh well. While waiting for the night I decided what I wanted to do. I shone a flashlight on the tree. Only problem is I don’t have a tripod and all the photos have a blur to them.  The last one was the night sky. No flash on any of them.



Below is a night shot I did awhile ago. I think I may have used the flash for this or there was enough light yet, can’t remember which.




For these two the first shot is with a flash and the second is without.

Same for these two. I included these four to show the difference a flash can make.

Photo 101, Day Nine: Warmth & the Quality of Light

I am not sure I got this exercise at all. I was limited to where I could take my photos today and nothing really caught my eye. So as I usually do I looked skyward. I think I need to clean my lens :). The first 4 photos I took today and the last two were taken more then a year ago.

Afternoon sky
Wispy Clouds
Cloud Shark?
A little cloud

I took the photo below while driving (shh don’t tell anyone) to a doctors appointment.

Sunrise along highway 63

The photo below was taken at our acreage one morning. We had beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Sunrise in Callao


Photo 101, Day Seven: Big & Point of View

For this assignment I was going to take a picture of the bridge that goes over the Missouri river where I live. On our way home from a doctors appointment we decided to stop by my mother-in-law’s and see if she was home, she wasn’t. On our way home I saw these smoke stacks and decided they would fill the bill quite nicely. I did two photos to show just how big they are. The first photo is what you would see with the naked eye. The second I zoomed in on them. The Missouri river stands between them and me, about midway.

Smoke Stacks in Labadie, MO 
A closer look at the Smoke Stacks in Labadie, MO 


The photo below was taken back in 2011 using my cellphone. I do believe my friend emphasizes the massiveness of the boulders for me.

Massive boulder at Elephant Rock Park, MO

The photos below were taken from the rooftop of my stepson. I thought the church was a nice focal point for the storm that was brewing. I took this with my camera last year.

weather (12)
A rooftop view of a church in Quincy, IL
weather (11)
A closer rooftop view of a church in Quincy, IL

It just occurred to me that the first photo was taken from the parking lot of a church and I ended the series of photos with a church :).

Photo 101, Day Six: Connect & Tags

Afternoon Sky 
Tree Tops

I have not done any photos this weekend except for these two. I ended the week with the flu. I have been laying on the couch all weekend and still feel like a truck hit me.

These photos actually have a point. They were taken from inside my home through the window. I have a setting on my camera for taking photos through clear glass. Most of my weather photos have been taken this way. I have been trying to get out and take them from the yard but that is not always possible. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I don’t leave the house much. There are several reasons for that. One is I just don’t have the energy some days. Another is that my wife has social anxiety and that keeps us at home. Then there is the fact that we just can’t afford to go anywhere. I can’t walk very far and neither can my wife (she has a cripple foot) and we don’t always have the gas to go any where.

I am not complaining by any means. I have been dealing with this since 1989. I am just sharing that most of my photos (the ones of the sunsets, tree tops, etc) are taken from within my home looking out the window. It is another reason why I am trying to get out and take new photos for the lessons each day.

I connect to the world outside through our windows. I am always looking out and looking for a photo to take. My computer is how I connect with most of my family. They are in Canada and I am here in the US. Of course I have family here that comes from my wife’s side. It is also how I connect with you, the person reading this :).

My View


Photo 101, Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

First I hope I got the “rule of thirds” correct. This was another challenging topic for me. Living in a city it can be hard to find solitude, especially without roaming the town looking for it (something I am just not up to). My first thoughts on solitude went to the mountains, again, or my mother-in-laws farm. Neither were an option, at least not today. So I gave it some serious thought and came up with this:

Solitude in the trailer park.

I am sure I have people wondering what this has to do with solitude. It has to do with my solitude. I can find solitude anywhere I am by putting on my headphones and playing my playlist on my Iphone. I easily get lost in the music that is playing in my head. When I can’t be in the mountains or nature in general to restore my energy I turn to music. I also use it to work things out.

On a side note: today I entered an art contest for Solitude and then later in the day I saw the subject for today. I could have used the pictures I used for the contest (they definitely showed solitude), but I want to go out and put the lesson part of each day to use.

Here are the photos that I submitted for the art contest:


Photo 101, Day Four: Bliss & Captions

This is a hard one for me. First off I want to be able to take a photo specifically for the subject of the day. Second was trying to figure out my bliss. The photo I chose was taken on a vacation with my wife in 2013. While I find little snippets of bliss from my family I guess my  ultimate bliss comes from being in nature particularly the mountains. Of course add my wife and all the kids and grand kids and we would have nirvana. It would be a bucket list item for me to have a family Christmas in a cabin in the mountains.

Before I moved to the US I lived in Alberta, Canada. For twenty years I was just 2 hours from Banff, Alberta and the Canadian Rockies. I would head there and spend the day whenever I needed to. I am hoping to take my wife there this year. I want her to experience the beauty I got to experience anytime I wanted.

Colorado Rockies

Photo 101, Day Three: Water & Orientation

I have been around water my whole life. The city I was born in had a yearly Regatta and another town we lived in also had one. I have swam in lakes, rivers, and pools. I have no fear of water but I do have a healthy respect for it. I love to be out on a lake in a boat or canoe. Fishing is one of my favorite things to do. I have only seen the ocean once and it was ok, I am more of a mountain person.

I have lots of pictures of lakes and even of me fishing. I chose to go out today and take new pictures for this post. We have the river and there is a lake in the city. I chose the river mostly because of its location and the time I had.

I took 3 different sets of photos and chose this one:


I chose the trees for the foreground against the river and shoreline as the background. I think that the vertical shot makes more of a statement since it frames the tree more.