Getting ready …

So I am a few steps closer to getting back to my art. I have some of my stuff organized again.

Yes I am OCD and if things are not just right I can’t get started on anything. So I have about another days worth of stuff to do and then I can get to it. My wanting to get back into my art is actually a good sign. It means that I am regaining a bit of my energy.

So stay tuned. 🙂

Thank you for taking this walk on the OCD side with me.


My wife has brain cancer :(

I know it has been a long time since I posted. My art has fallen by the wayside. July 11, 2016 my wife went into the ER because she was having trouble talking. Next thing we know she was having a tumor removed from the left side of her brain (that Thursday). Pathology came back on the tumor – it was a GBM. A grade 4 (incurable) glioblastoma multiforme. The most deadly of the brain tumors. It has been a roller coaster ride since then.

I am on here today to promote my go fund me account set up to help us with Laurie’s treatments and getting her a deck.

Here is the link to the account – help Laurie

Thank you so much for even just looking.

This is not the kind of walk I want to ask anyone to take with me.



S0nic and Tiger

These two drawings were done for my youngest daughter (twin to my son whom I did the other two pics for). She has always loved Sonic and tigers.


I was living in a hotel when I did Sonic for her. It was two months from hell.


I did this tiger just over a year later. I was now living with my fiancee (at the time – wife now 🙂 ).



Skull and Bones


This is another drawing I did for my son. I did this one before the Sith drawing. Both were done during a time when I was not able to see him. When he and his twin sister were 12 my ex left me. It was a divorce from hell and the twins ended up with their biological mother (my stepdaughter at the time – she was only 15 when we adopted them at birth). She lives in MN and that is where they ended up and still are. After several years I was able to see them in person last summer only to have them tell me they want no further contact with me.

I am slowly accepting it and each day gets better.

Thank you for taking this somber walk down the art lane with me



Calla Lillies


This is an acrylic and marker painting I did for my mother-in-law for mother’s day 2012. It is her favorite flower. It is just on art paper and not canvas and the marker was used to fill in the background. I love doing flowers because it really develops the ability to show shape.

I am one of those lucky guys who has an amazing mother-in-law. Which is not surprising considering how amazing my wife is and she is a reflection of her mother. It is always a pleasure doing things for her. It also feels good to give back to her since she has helped us so much over the years.

Thank you for taking this stroll down the art lane.



Old Barn


This is an ink drawing I did of an old barn. The barn is located on the property of a cousin of one of my friends. We had just gone on a float trip with them and stopped here before heading back. I decided to take some pictures of the property for the purpose of doing dome drawings.

This is one of the few drawings that I actually have the original still. My plan is to actually do some more work on it.  Just some touch ups on the trees and grass.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.




I did this drawing for my dear friend, Cindy, while house sitting for her. This is her horse Cricket. She has had to re-home Cricket since I did this drawing but gets to see him now and then. Cricket is chestnut.

I met Cindy through a divorce group I had joined. It took awhile before she would meet me in person, but once we did we became good friends. We helped each other through some difficult times. She actually was my best lady at my wedding :).

Thank you for walking with me.