Day 33 of 2017

So I am writing this entry on my phone while sitting next to my wife’s hospital bed


Morning started out well enough. Waiting to hear from doctors. Well we heard from the NO’s office and they wanted us to come in today to discuss the trials for after the laser ablation surgery. Ok and appt set for 2 pm. Then I mentioned that I didn’t take her to the ER yesterday because I was waiting to hear from them. So they said they will call me back and they did. Needed to be there at 1 to have a Doppler done on her right arm to confirm blood clots are causing her swelling and coldness. So at about 10:30 I am scrambling to get us ready to go, had to call surgeon’s office to get name for check for surgery, had to gas up, get us some lunch, and stop at her mom’s to pickup the check (she is about 20 mins from us). During all of this I also get a call from the surgeon’s office to give instructions for the surgery Monday morning. Keep in mind that it is an hour drive to the NO’s and then need time to park and get to office. We got to the Doppler appointment 15 mins late and without any speeding tickets (lucky on that one).

So as expected she has a dvt in her upper arm. They are not supposed to let us leave until they talk to her doctor. Well they can’t find her doc but since we are heading there any ways they let us go. We get up there and the guy who does the trial stuff comes out and said he was just waiting to talk with her NO and then he would come talk with us. So wife has to go to bathroom so we go take care of that. We get back and settle in for the wait. My cell goes off and it is her NO’s nurse. We are to go over to the hospital they are admitting her because of the blood clots. They admitted her under the surgeon’s care. So she is on a heparin drip, being closely monitored because of her bleeding issues, and will be here till after the surgery. Her weakness has gotten bad enough that I now have to have a nurse help me get her on the commode. So it is probably a good thing we are here till surgery day.

She did good though and stayed out of the hospital for two months 😊. And the best part of all of this is that it is my 55th birthday tomorrow 😊.

Thank you for taking this long walk with me.


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