Day 29 of 2017

I would like to just cheat and say hi and go to bed. This way I at least did a post for today right. Oh well I am not a cheater so …

Today was a pretty quiet, even keel day. Laurie used the main bathroom, without the commode, all day today. That was a very big positive for her. I was able to tickle her neck and make her laugh today, so we both got to laugh :). We did some cuddling this afternoon. I did a little bit of work in my office – still sorting and organizing stuff. Got the bubbles out and played with that with our Yorkie and cat for a bit.

On the flip side of things Laurie did not feel right all day. Two hours after breakfast she started to feel jittery so I checked her blood sugar. It was the same as her fasting was (in the 80s). So I gave her a glucose tablet to get it back up and some cheese to keep it from crashing again. I called and left a message with our primary care doc that this happened and that I will not be giving her any insulin in the morning till I hear from them since tomorrow she will not be getting any steroids. Her sugars stayed below 200 no matter when I checked them today. At least none of the usual stuff was worse today – her speech, her balance, right side weakness, headaches or pain. She just may have made it through coming off steroids – knock on wood. The end of this day also marks her making it through 2 months in a row of not ending up in the hospital and no seizures – again knock on wood.

So comes to an end a fairly decent day.

Thank you for walking and talking with me tonight.


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