Day 28 of 2017

I have made 28 posts in a row. I believe that is a record for me :).

It has been a very long day. I am exhausted and I didn’t even do anything.

Today was her last chemo day for her 3rd cycle. It was also her 2nd day on only 1 mg of steroids. So far she is doing well. She had right side pain in her head (she doesn’t always refer to them as headaches) off and on today. Her speech was pretty bad. It frustrates her when she has trouble talking but will be ok if it gets worse after the surgery – I called her on that one.

Positives for the day – youngest son was here working on his jeep all day. Laurie did some latch hook, tried to color. I stayed off the phone and the computer most of the evening and dosed a bit. I gave our yorkie a haircut. Made a fried chicken that was actually pretty decent. I am sure there were more positives but that is all my head can come up with.

Thank you for taking an evening stroll with me.


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