Day 27 of 2017

Today was a pretty good day. It was Laurie’s first day on only 1mg of steroids and her 4th day of chemo. Second oldest son stopped by for a short visit first thing in the morning. We went to Walmart and she was able to use the motorized cart (instead of me pushing her around in a wheelchair). When we got home she did the stairs one after the other instead of one at a time – this is a huge step for her. She did a little writing by hand, not on the computer. We bought some knitting needles for her to give a try at. I got her the biggest ones since that seems to help calm the tremors. I also bought a pair for me and did some knitting tonight.

So knock on wood that she seems pretty stable considering she is being weaned off of the steroids in a matter of 6 days. The swelling in her feet are noticeable less so that is very good. While I am feeling good about things I am also not letting my guard down. Things can change on a dime with this damn disease.

Thank you for joining me for this very short stroll and may your weekend be filled with sunshine and laughs.


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