Day 26 of 2017

A nice quiet, calm day today. Youngest son came over to do his laundry and work a bit on his jeep. He then convinced his sister to come over with her daughter, he loves his niece. They both stayed for dinner, pulled pork sandwich. Laurie sat in her office for a bit today and wrote a short blog. She also sorted the dirty laundry into two piles. Her headaches came and went, not lasting for very long. The home health nurse came to do Laurie’s weekly blood draw. I did not care for this one at all. It almost felt like we were an inconvenience for her. She did not even fill out the blood work form and leave a copy with us. I really hope it made it to the lab ok. Laurie is getting fatigued from the chemo and her speech is still declining but otherwise she is doing pretty good.

If Laurie is up to it I plan on taking her out to Ihop for breakfast in the morning, she deserves it. Time to head to bed and get some extra sleep.

Thank you for taking this short stroll with me.


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