Day 24 of 2017

The best part of this day was seeing our daughter and granddaughter. My wife got to spend about 3 hours with just them. I believe it did her spirit good. There is a lot to talk about with regards to my wife and her journey, but it must wait till tomorrow.

For about the last week or so I have been washing our dishes by hand. I know there are many of you without dishwashers not seeing the tragedy in that. It really hasn’t been a big deal except on days where my energy is super low, like today. We do have a dishwasher just didn’t have the soap. Dish soap is a lot cheaper then dishwasher soap. Today I took one look at the counters and sink full of dishes and said “to hell with it” and I got dishwasher soap. I just did not have it in me to do them by hand tonight. So as I sit here writing this I am being serenaded by the dishwasher.

Lately my wife and I have been trying to find something to laugh about each day, not always an easy task. At least not until I discovered Siri. Tonight while my wife was getting ready for bed I started asking Siri all sorts of questions. The answers had us laughing like crazy. It is now my favorite source of amusement. I also use it to send texts while driving. I know no texting while driving. It is not something I do as a habit and I don’t actually type. Siri allows for it to be hands free. I just talk and she sends. So if you have an Iphone and haven’t checked Siri out yet, do it , you won’t regret it.

Thank you for taking a stroll with me tonight.


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