Day 23 of 2017

Today had its ups and downs. Laurie got upset and angry because she could not get her hands to work and do some cross stitch. She was able to do 1/2 a row of latch hook though. So to help her out I gave her some fine motor function therapy to do. I had her transfer cheerios from a plate to a bowl one at a time using her thumb and forefinger. I had her throwing the ball for our dog but not just anywhere, I had her throwing it at the one couch. I then had her put clothes pins on a nail then take them off. She also did some work with her therapy putty. I was able to get her to laugh by first welcoming her to Jackson Rehab :).

I had us both laughing today when I decided to play with Siri on my phone. The answers it comes up with to some pretty weird questions is hysterical. Sorry not appropriate to repeat the question but the answer was “well, I never” :). If you ask it if it has breasts it will tell you “I am not that kind of assistant” :). I ended the day for my wife by asking two of the questions before saying good night to her. She ended her day with a laugh.

We received a really sweet card from my mother-in-law in the mail today. She is always doing stuff like that. Just letting us know she is thinking of us. The second oldest son and his son are spending the night. So we got to enjoy their company. The grandson is always fun. Youngest daughter stopped by to pick up some mail so we got to see her for a bit. It always makes my wife’s day when she gets to see her kids.

As expected we did not hear from the NO about what the next step is. The tumor board met at 4 today to discuss her case. For her sake I hope we hear from them early tomorrow. Waiting is not one of her strengths. Her headaches are starting to be every day and her balance keeps getting worse. I am worried that the tumor is growing quickly like it originally did. The first one went from 3 cm to bigger then a golf ball in 3 days.

So all in all it was not that bad of a day.

Take care everyone.


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