Day 20 of 2017

So yesterday was a very short blog. I could not say much about the day because there were people we had to talk to first. Such is the case when it comes to updating about my wife’s condition. We must first let our kids know before I put it up for friends and relatives to see.

So yesterday was my wife’s appointment with her Neuro Oncologist to get the results of the an MRI she had last week. The MRI shows significant swelling and tumor growth. At this time the growth is small and is on the edge of the original tumor field. Her doctor sent it to the tumor board where the surgeons will decide if surgery is the way to go. There is another treatment option that would use a probe to kill the tumor with a laser and then she would get some medicine afterwards. All of this means that the chemo is not working – which is not a surprise considering the variation of the type of tumor she has. They are also considering putting her on a different type of chemo. We should hear Mon or Tues what has been decided and go from there. So that is where things are right now for us.

Today was a better day all around. We got to see our granddaughter and daughter. Laurie’s best friend also stopped by, bringing us KFC for dinner. The evening was filled with a lot of laughter.

So even amidst a storm you can still sometimes find a little shelter and get a break from it. Don’t stop looking for the positive in the day. May this weekend be a good one for you.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.



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