Day 17 of 2017

Today was a day of more independence for my wife Laurie. The independence was all her doing. I was in the bathroom getting the shower going and she was by the bed on the commode, or so I thought. I turn the water on, set the temp, etc and stand up, I turn to head out of the bathroom and there is my wife standing in the bathroom. I just about jumped out of my skin. Not only had she managed to get in the bathroom, but she also managed to close the door without me hearing her. She did all this without her walker. So I am trying to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest and she is saying sorry while laughing. Hmm, sorry while laughing kinda makes sorry not seem sincere :). You have to know that I have PTSD from being beaten by my dad from crib to 7 yrs old, so I have a real bad startle response. Also know that I find it all funny :). So the point of that was that she walked without aide of the walker or myself. Just before lunch I ran to the store (to get lunch) and when I came back I noticed a bag of chips on the end table beside her. While I was gone she had gone to the bathroom and gotten the chips. So while her speech is not getting better (possibly worse), more headaches, and just not feeling right, she is working at not needing the walker. The walker is only there to help with her balance so it makes sense that she will need it less as the nerves heal and her legs work better for her.

My mother-in-law called to ask what we wanted for lunch tomorrow. She is actually making us roast beef and baked potatoes. Laurie gets her awesomeness from her :). She raised 8 kids on a farm, with one bathroom :). She has a huge understanding of what we are going through. Laurie’s baby sister was born with retinoblastoma and fought it for 11 yrs.  It should be a good day tomorrow – Laurie needs to get out of the house, and seeing her mom is always a good thing.

It was a good day for me because if what I was told is true our finances will take a turn for the better soon. Living on two disability incomes can be hard enough as it is, but add cancer into the mix and the stress level just goes up.

Well time to head to bed.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.


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