Day 15 of 2017

The only positive in this day was seeing our grandson for a bit. He was full of energy and being his goofy self. The wife got upset because her tremors kept her from being able to do anything today. My wife gets bored, all the things she likes to do to keep busy have been affected – she can’t read (the steroids have made her cataracts worse), she can’t do needle work because her hands shake too much from the tremors (we are looking at ways to help with that – nothing yet, not even weighted gloves help), she can’t write because the tumor caused aphasia (and that is getting bad again). She can’t spend time on the computer because she has trouble finding her letters and typing. I hate seeing her look so sad and irritated. The rainy day didn’t help matters any either.

Time to put this day to bed.

Thank you for taking this very short walk with me.


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