Day 14 of 2017

My day was a pretty calm one. Stayed of the phone for most of the day. Got more of my office done. Did laundry, dishes, blah, blah, blah. But all that glitters is not gold. My wife was not feeling well all day. She did a lot of sleeping in her chair. She did do some coloring, reading, and cross stitch, so that was good. Had to start following her to the bathroom again. Today she almost fell over with her walker on her way to our bedroom. So that means her balance is off again. So we have the trifecta for her – her speech and typing has declined, she is having headaches, her balance is off. Thursday can not come fast enough. Last time at the docs I was told I could just up her steroids if she had any symptoms of swelling (like these). The problem with that is she does not want to go up in dose and is pretty much refusing it. She wants off of the steroids not to start taking more again.

The cherry on top of my day was getting on Facebook and reading that my uncle (my mom’s oldest brother) had passed away today. He was 90 yrs old and had dementia so it was not a total surprise, just sad. My fondest memory of him is one from when myself and a friend went to visit on spring break. We were just sitting there watching tv and my uncle turns to us and says “hey Lass will you hold me ass while I catch me cock and pullit”, he then told us to go ask my aunt to tell us the first part of the joke. He had just told us the punch line. We were 18 at the time and found it very funny.


This is my mom (who passed away in July of 1998) and my uncle. May they both be resting in peace and once again enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.




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