Day 13 of 2017

Today I am trying to get this post done early. It seems that the time I usually do it is when my brain starts turning to cement.

It has been a pretty uneventful day. We are amidst an ice storm so we are just staying in and staying warm. Of course we really don’t go out except for appointments so the ice storm really makes no difference to us. Where it does make a difference is in how my wife feels. She suffers from SAD and dreary days like this do not help. She has been feeling blah all day. She did make dinner rolls though. Her speech did not improve today so that is a little worrisome. Unless something major happens we will just have to wait till Thursday to see what the MRI shows.

This weekend is also hard on my wife because her 2nd oldest son is staying with us. He came over yesterday after work and will probably stay till Sunday or Monday. He works here in town but lives 20 mins out of town, so when the weather is bad he stays here. This only presents a problem for my wife because he has the tv on the whole time he is up. My wife can not handle the tv on all day. No, she will not tell him so and would kill me if I did. Of course if it does get too bad for her I will put my foot down and get her the quiet she needs.

today my wife made dinner rolls, or at least the dough. I step in after that and get them proofed and in the oven. We did not have a power outage today – very real threat with the ice storm. I made it through this day unscathed :). And last but not least we started the day with a laugh and we ended it with a laugh.

The results of the ice storm:

Working at getting my office organized so that I can start back on my art. My OCD makes it hard for me to do things if everything is not perfect. I am not very creative in chaotic environment. I actually don’t function very well at all in that kind of environment.

Thank you for walking with me on this icy, superstitious day.


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