Day 9 of 2017

Today was not a positive day for my wife. At least she chose not to find anything positive about it. At the end of every day we write on a piece of paper the positives for the day and put it in a jar to read at the end of the year. Today she wrote – positively bored and cranky. I wrote an arrow pointing up to her entry, added LMAO and a smiley face. I then wrote my positive for the day – she didn’t take it out on me :). There is always an upside to everything if you look hard enough :).

It can be very hard for me to not take on my wife’s moods. You see I am an empath and I have to actively work at not taking on the emotions of those around me. Today I was successful at not being cranky myself. I actually had a rather productive day. I dropped off some paperwork at social services, I kept up with the dishes, I made the bed, I did a load of laundry, and most importantly I finished something important. That is something that I call “Laurie’s Medical Bible”. I basically did up a binder full of all the stuff relating to my wife’s treatment of the GBM and all that goes with it. I have lined paper to make daily notes (if something note worthy happens). I have the following sections: meds, hospital discharge, medical records, appointments, power of attorneys (advance directive, etc), rehab, home health, treatment related info, and misc. I also have a pouch where I keep business cards, labels for her vena cava filter, etc. Under the meds I have done up a sheet that explains exactly how I do up the meds , including how she takes her chemo – this is in case I am ever not able to do it and someone else has to come in and take care of it. This binder is kept in a bag that I take with us whenever we leave the house. I did this so that there are no more hospital errors with meds, no forgotten whatever; most importantly so that if something ever happens to me, whoever takes over helping my wife will know exactly what is what.

Ok time to get to bed myself.

Thank you for walking with me.


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