Day 7 of 2017

The two photos below are part of why it was a great day. My wife actually cleaned two windows on her own, one while standing. She also folded some clothes, got up and went to our room and used the commode on her own (many times), and spent time in her office working on a project. Funny thing is she doesn’t even realize how well she is doing. She said she didn’t do anything today. I had to remind her of all the great things she did. I spent the day doing some light cleaning and vacuumed. It was a nice calm, quiet day. We even got some good laughs in this evening. We were watching Cops and it was an episode where this woman called a guy her sugar daddy. My wife said maybe she should get a sugar daddy to help me out (I asked her how and she said financially). I had a real good belly laugh with that one. I am treasuring these days because I know there will be ones that aren’t so good.

canambehr   canambehr 119147

Thank you for taking this walk with me.


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