Day 4 of 2017

Today was filled with positives. It feels so good to have a day like that.

Today my wife went with me to the library. I had to print some stuff off and she had me leave her in front of the large print books. She actually moved her wheelchair along the shelves and found a book to read. She was able to manage the stairs to our landing by herself. She was able to read the book she picked. She stood, then sat, at the stove and made something she calls Grandpa’s candy. She did some balance exercises and step up exercises that help with the nerve damage. We bantered back and forth while I made dinner and I actually gave her neck tickles (it is her most ticklish spot) – actually all I have to do is put my fingers there and it gets her going. For a brief time today it felt like it did before GBM invaded our lives. To add to the good day my wife’s second oldest son is spending the night and her daughter and our granddaughter (10 1/2 mths old) came for a visit. My wife went to bed very tired, but very happy.

Days like today give me hope for this year.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.


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