Day 10 of 2017

Tonight my wife has another headache around/behind her right eye. It is the third one in 3 weeks. They rank 10 on the pain scale. Since the first one she has also gotten dizzy sitting up, been off balance, upset stomachs (she gets an 8 mg zofran every morning), worsened tremors, her tongue has felt too big for her mouth. All of these things have not lasted longer then a day. She gets her 2 month MRI on Thursday. It just scares me that they are all precursors to things getting bad again, even though she is doing more things on her own and seems to be doing better in general. Her tumor was in the left frontal lobe. It will be next Thursday before we know the results of the MRI.

So the positives for today have been that my wife actually did a few stitches of cross stitch, and she actually threaded the needle herself. She did half a row of her hook rug. Her oldest called her tonight – that always makes her day. For me the positives were a quiet day on the couch catching up on computer stuff. Our power did go out for a couple of hours – crazy windy here today – so we had a sandwich for dinner.

Thank you for walking with me on this blustery day.


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