Photo 101, Day Six: Connect & Tags

Afternoon Sky 
Tree Tops

I have not done any photos this weekend except for these two. I ended the week with the flu. I have been laying on the couch all weekend and still feel like a truck hit me.

These photos actually have a point. They were taken from inside my home through the window. I have a setting on my camera for taking photos through clear glass. Most of my weather photos have been taken this way. I have been trying to get out and take them from the yard but that is not always possible. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I don’t leave the house much. There are several reasons for that. One is I just don’t have the energy some days. Another is that my wife has social anxiety and that keeps us at home. Then there is the fact that we just can’t afford to go anywhere. I can’t walk very far and neither can my wife (she has a cripple foot) and we don’t always have the gas to go any where.

I am not complaining by any means. I have been dealing with this since 1989. I am just sharing that most of my photos (the ones of the sunsets, tree tops, etc) are taken from within my home looking out the window. It is another reason why I am trying to get out and take new photos for the lessons each day.

I connect to the world outside through our windows. I am always looking out and looking for a photo to take. My computer is how I connect with most of my family. They are in Canada and I am here in the US. Of course I have family here that comes from my wife’s side. It is also how I connect with you, the person reading this :).

My View



6 thoughts on “Photo 101, Day Six: Connect & Tags

    1. My camera has a setting for it under the scenes setting. I just put the camera close to the window and then take the picture. I have also done it without using the setting and get a good picture too. I think the trick is getting close to the glass so you don’t get a reflection. I also use the zoom too.


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