Photo 101, Day Four: Bliss & Captions

This is a hard one for me. First off I want to be able to take a photo specifically for the subject of the day. Second was trying to figure out my bliss. The photo I chose was taken on a vacation with my wife in 2013. While I find little snippets of bliss from my family I guess my  ultimate bliss comes from being in nature particularly the mountains. Of course add my wife and all the kids and grand kids and we would have nirvana. It would be a bucket list item for me to have a family Christmas in a cabin in the mountains.

Before I moved to the US I lived in Alberta, Canada. For twenty years I was just 2 hours from Banff, Alberta and the Canadian Rockies. I would head there and spend the day whenever I needed to. I am hoping to take my wife there this year. I want her to experience the beauty I got to experience anytime I wanted.

Colorado Rockies

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