Adult Coloring Book

For Christmas my wife bought me an adult coloring book. Above are 4 of the pictures I have colored so far. I cut them out and mounted them on a background. I have used both pencil crayons and markers. The horse and sea horse are just pencil crayon, the lion is just marker, and the wolf is a mix of both.

I love coloring and would color in regular coloring books using crayons. I really love the adult coloring books because it brings a bit more artistic flare to it. If you don’t color I would highly recommend it. It is a great way to relax. It is really hard to be angry or upset while coloring :). As an artist it allows me to play with color and create a beautiful picture without having to perfect the drawing itself.

Grab some crayons, a coloring book and let the stress flow from your body.

Thank you for taking this short walk with me down the coloring trail.



One thought on “Adult Coloring Book

  1. My friend recently was coloring in her adult coloring book while undergoing chemo treatment. She too got ‘lost’ while coloring, it was very cathartic for her. Today she is cancer free! The power of coloring!😊


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