Beagle Puppy

beaglepupvia .

I did this pencil drawing back in the early 90’s. I believe I used a picture from a book  of dogs. I no longer have the drawing, but I wish I did. I would do some touch up work on it.

I am very critical of my work. What artist isn’t :). I find it very hard to walk away from a piece I am working on and say okay it is done.

I have a real love of animals and truly enjoy drawing them. It is my goal to improve on my drawing skills in regards to animals. When I was in 8 or 9th grade I did a color pencil drawing of a scene from The Incredible Journey. It is the one where the old dog is coming out of the water with a duck in his mouth. I think the hunter may have been there too (can’t totally remember). It was my first pencil crayon drawing and I did it without doing a pencil drawing first. There were no dark edges. It got destroyed when a water heater leaked. Unfortunately I don’t have anything from my past, but that is another story for another post.

Thank you for taking this walk down the art trail with me.



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