Today I am starting a new thread. I am an artist and have been my entire life. I have been doing art since first grade. I took art class through all 12 grades. In 5th grade we moved to Whitehorse, Yukon in the middle of the school year. One of the art projects we had to do was of an under water scene. What I did not know was that my teacher had entered my painting in a contest. I, along with another kid, won the contest. My painting was displayed in the Children’s World Art Museum in Japan. It was quite the honor back then, I even got my picture in the local paper. I entered an art show in 9th grade. I only received an honorable mention even though I deserved to win. They actually thought I had traced my drawing and since I did not have the original with me to prove otherwise they only gave me an honorable mention. They did that to all my entries because of the one. In my adult life I belonged to an artist guild. While in that guild I was able to put some art in to an art sale. None of it sold, except to family, but I was OK with that.

I will post a picture of my art and the story that goes with it. I hope you find the thread enjoyable.

Thank you for taking this walk with me.



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