Forge of Empires

via Forge of Empires.

Well this was not the post I had planned on when I opened WordPress. I could have just deleted this and moved on to what I had planned. However, since it is here I may as well talk about one of my favorite online games.

I was drawn to the game by its TV commercials. I love Sim City and this looked like a game similar to that. You start out building a village and work your way up to the future. So far I have made it to late middle ages. Like all online games you can play for free and move along at a moderate pace or you can invest some money and shoot right along. I play totally free (my finances dictate that) and do fine that way.

You build your city and your army. To advance to a new age you have to research various stuff like production and military items. In your city you build housing, armies, production building, goods buildings, and buildings and decorations that do nothing but increase the happiness of your population. Every building has a purpose.

Anyway, if you like games that require some thinking this may be the game for you.

Check it out and if you start playing let them know I sent you :).

Thank you for joining me on this walk down the gaming trail.

Till next time,



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