Christmas spirit.

My Christmas spirit left me a long time ago and I don’t know how to find it again. I am not even sure what it is. If I was hard pressed to define it I would have to say for me it is about family. About being together and creating traditions. Driving around looking at the light displays. Walking around from store to store trying to find that perfect gift or making it. It is a gentle snow fall on Christmas eve while sitting inside snug and warm watching a Christmas movie. It is listening to Christmas music, the traditional stuff not what passes for it these days.

What gets you into the Christmas spirit? Are you a humbug or poster child for Christmas? I would love to read your comments and views on this subject.

I am not religious but we do attend midnight service at my wife’s church on Christmas eve. It is not about putting “Christ” back into Christmas or having enough money to buy all the gifts I want to (we don’t have money for any gifts and make what we can). There is something else missing and I just don’t know what.

Take care and thanks for walking with me down the Christmas trail.



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