Main Floor Bathroom

The main floor bathroom was one of the first rooms we got done. I removed everything but the tub. I took the surround off and reattached it. It was loose and I needed to make sure there was no mold behind it. The vanity that is in the second picture ended up in the master bath. The floor is laminate from Lumber Liquidators and was only $15 a box (we spent $300 total for this bathroom and the upstairs floors). In the future I will pay a bit more for a thick laminate since it is not holding up in the office. The wheels of the chairs are damaging some of the joints. We got the vanity and the mirror from a Habitat for Humanity resale store. We found the sink on Craigslist – it doesn’t fit the vanity completely but nothing that can’t be fixed. Picked up the antique light off of Craig’s list too. The walls were textured so spent some time sanding them down. The walls are now smooth but you can see where they were textured through the paint. It adds a nice touch to the walls.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_2804 IMG_2803 IMG_2802mnbthrmdone (3)IMG_2816IMG_2815IMG_2813IMG_2812IMG_2811mnbthrmdone (2)


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