Seeing a new Doc

So this is my first rant and it is about seeing a new doctor.  My wife and I had to switch doctors last month for several reasons being location and cost.  So the new doc filled all our prescriptions except for one of mine.  I didn’t worry about it since the medicine can be got over the counter and I only do the prescription because it is cheaper.  It is naproxen (Aleve).  So today I called the doc’s to get the prescription called in and found out that he doesn’t want me taking it daily.  Well good for him since he is not the one is chronic pain.  I have chronic muscle and joint pain because of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I also get headaches.  If I do not take an NSAID then I can not sleep at night (even with the pill I take for sleep) and spend the night tossing and turning in pain.  I also can barely move at times because of the muscle pain.

I hate going to a new doc and having them try and fix something that is not broke.  My  stomach is fine so please give me my naproxen.  I have been ill since Jan of 1989 and I know what works and doesn’t work.  I am functioning so leave well enough alone.  The last new doc messed with my stomach meds and I ended up in a lot of pain till I got back on the right meds.  He also messed with my sleep meds and screwed me up there for awhile too.  If it is ain’t broke stop trying to fix it.  Now I am worried he won’t want to get my testosterone refilled because of all the possible problems with that – sheesh.

So that is my rant for the day.


2 thoughts on “Seeing a new Doc

  1. So frustrating!! I wish doctors could do ‘handovers’ when you switch to a new doctor where the old one explains things and the new one then can start off where the old one left off. I guess that would be far too helpful!

    Hope you manage to stay on Naproxen, it’s a really good NSAID. I live on ibuprofen, luckily I haven’t had to ‘upgrade’ to naproxen.

    Have just found your blog and looking forward to reading more!



  2. That would be a great idea. For now they just get your records and go from there. It turns out that the doc worries about the effects of NSAIDs on the stomach. I ended up telling his nurse to let him know that if he isn’t comfortable with it then maybe he could refer me to a pain specialist.

    You may want to try Aleve (or the genric) so that you can take less pills a da, since you only need to take 1 every 12 hours with Aleve.


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