Food Bank

Today was the monthly visit to the food bank.  If you have a food bank and qualify, use it.  There is no shame in needing help and using that help when it is available.  We are truly grateful for what we get from the food bank.

We get $79 a month in food stamps for two people.  That does not go very far.  We use the food bank to help make it through the month.

Our food bank usually has very little “meal” type food and a lot of “snack” type food.  This month and the previous month that has changed.  There was a lot of “meal” food today.  We got two bags of wieners (large bags), some chicken sliders, yeast buns, wedding soup (frozen bag), a full size pizza, pepperoni filled bread sticks.  This is just some of what we got.  This will be extremely helpful since we would otherwise run out of food 3 days before I get my disability.

So this is just one way we survive on a shoestring budget.  That shoestring is old, tattered, and not worth much.  🙂


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