GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  1383315_10151706010622106_408896224_n 1392058_10151706009502106_389198898_n

These are a few pictures of where we had to remove drywall to get rid of the mold.  The left photo is of the basement, we had to remove the lower drywall on all the walls.  The middle photo is of the third addition to the original house.  The right photo is of the main floor bathroom.

The basement mold was from the flooding that happens in the basement when it rains.  Mind you not all rain causes it to flood.  We had a torrential downpour this morning and no water in the basement.  A few days ago I woke up to the whole basement covered in water. I have a few ideas what is causing the flooding and will work on those when I can.

The wall at the top of the middle photo is an outside wall.  The mold on that wall was caused by a leak in the roof (photo of that to come in a different post).  That leak is temporarily fixed till we can do a permanent repair.

Not sure about the bathroom wall or the other side of it.  They had installed laundry hookups there so maybe they were leaking.  We moved them back to the basement.

So this was the start of our renovation journey last Oct.


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